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The Mission

The Thread is an organization dedicated to shining a bright light on the bright lights of St. Louis, beginning with people and creating and/or mobilizing people to engage in service, revitalization and charitable opportunities within St. Louis.  We highlight the work being done here and now in our city, celebrate it, and invite others to be a part of it.  We desire for people to know that God has called them to a particular path, to fill a particular role, and be a particular voice in the city of St. Louis and beyond.   

We also seek to facilitate, not only the joy in giving of ourselves to others, but also the joy in living in and with the community.  We believe we are most like God intended us to be when we are playing and serving with one another.  We seek to educate and encourage people to participate in the many service, revitalization and charitable opportunities to be had in our city while sharing laughs and life along the way.  

We believe there are many in our community who want to move to the needs around them, they just don’t know where to start.   The Thread Live! will be a once a month gathering in a different community in the bi-state area where we discuss the particular needs of that community and introduce the residents to folks in that community moving to those particular needs.  This will be a time of fellowship, welcome and spiritual worship.   

We also have a heart for our young people.  Tech addiction is a growing problem in our culture with people connecting more with their phones than other people, eroding interpersonal skills and hindering the growth and depth of relationships.  We want to have monthly Unplugged events for youth, where they turn in their phones for two hours and engage in a fun event (water balloon fight, scavenger hunt, dodgeball, etc.) and receive a message and hope regarding the truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  

The admission to the event will be a voluntary donation to whatever need we are seeking to meet that month.  One month it may be school supplies, another month it may be clothes for the homeless, and on random months, we will not only collect the items, we will gather the group and deliver the items to those we are serving. 

In addition to these events, we will have a weekly television show to highlight service, revitalization and charitable opportunities throughout St. Louis.  

These are just a few examples of the ways The Thread will seek to reach out to our neighbors and be a neighbor to those around us.    This ministry is dedicated to building community, serving community, and displaying the power of Christ in and through our lives.  

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